Per.Exp. Rubric

Any and all performance expectations as viewed in Powerschool will be evaluated using the following rubric.

General notes:

  • The rubric is NOT INFORMATIVE. Often rubrics detail the specifics students must memorize, recall or apply and can act as a guide for the student to know what they need to know. By design, this cannot happen in our class. Your ‘WHY’ determines the specific ‘WHAT’ that should be explained, described, applied, designed, created, modeled, used, [etc etc] to the highest level of mastery that can be achieved using the time and effort performed by the student. By examining the ‘HOW’ [performance expectations in Powerschool] you need to be able to develop a solid understanding of the ‘WHAT’ [facts, descriptions, explanations, data, experiments] that applies to your ‘WHY’ [the issue/topic of biology that inspires you].
  • The rubric is, because of the above, SUBJECTIVE with regard to the growth in knowledge and understanding of the topic by the student. The onus resides with the student to demonstrate, however possible, that they meet the ‘HOW’ [performance expectations – the practices of science]. Hence the scale has generally large gradations. As the instructor I believe I can be consistent and fair differentiating between work demonstrating limited quality and understanding from those demonstrating proficient quality and understanding. Remember: COMMUNICATION is a ‘C’ that must be mastered for almost ALL occupations.
  • I suspect at times I may be inconsistent in application of the rubric. Students, be proactive. Descriptive feedback should be provided to direct where improvements in knowledge, understanding, etc can be made with persistence and effort.


The high school individual learner profile will be here as soon as the working version has been completed.


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